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Breath Hub is a global breath education platform, bringing together highly-skilled professionals in the area of breathing from all around the world with decades of experience in their respective fields.

We believe that human progress starts from individual effort and results in collective good.

As such, Breath Hub positions itself as a medium of self-transformation and fully intends its users to reach their ultimate potential step-by-step, and in turn to trigger positive change in a collective sense.

Reaching a global audience

Breath Hub, as a medium of self-transformation, intends its users to reach their ultimate potential. It also acts as a powerful and scientific guide for people who are on their self-realization journey.

Breath Hub will be targeting those who are interested in the transformative and meditative powers of breathing.

Whether they are novice learners, or seasoned practitioners, Breath Hub will be the main platform for them to visit every day, learn something new and useful, and discover new coaches to book private sessions with.

Code of ethics

Breath Hub follows the universal code of ethics written and accepted by global breathwork institutions and bodies.

We are following the paths of the leading schools, certified trainers and practitioners including GPBA, IBF, Breath Coaching Federation, Dan Brule’s Breath Mastery and many more to build the most comprehensive breathwork platform in the world.


"Your journey is calling you."

Nevsah F. Karamehmet

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