Where should I start?

You can start with the daily session of the day you signed up. Make sure you browse the “Explore” section in detail by scrolling down to see other categories and by clicking on “See All” buttons to access the full list of content for each category.

I have a subscription but I can’t access anything!

  • Make sure that you are logged in with the account you used to purchase your subscription.
  • Try signing out and signing back in from the “Profile” page.
  • If this does not work, try deleting the app from your phone. Reinstall and sign in with the account you used when purchasing your subscription.

If none of these work, feel free to contact us and our technical team will gladly help you.

Finding the right content

You can access hundreds of audio sessions and courses from the “Explore” section of Breath Hub. Make sure you come back often to discover freshly uploaded content. We created two main sections to make navigation easier. “Sessions” lists all the audio sessions organised by categories, while “Courses” lists all the multi-day courses organised by categories. You can scroll down to see more categories and click the “See All” links to see the full list of content under each category. You can also use the search tool on the top right corner of your screen to search for a specific session.