Why is it important?

We all breathe, all day and all night, on average over 20.000 times per day. Although breathing is a natural function of the body and operated by the autonomic nervous system - meaning we actually don’t have to think about doing it - most people are breathing in a dysfunctional, unhealthy way.

We are born with a natural way of breathing but most people seem to ‘forget’ this somewhere along the way. Dysfunctional breathing patterns can be caused by stress, illness or traumatic events in life. Most of the time we are not even aware that the way we breathe is causing us various physical, emotional and mental challenges.  

By regularly practicing breathing exercises and intentionally changing our breathing patterns we are able to permanently improve the way we breathe and therefore the way we feel. Breathwork allows us to experience immediate positive effects on both body and mind, as well as adopt more beneficial ways of breathing that will improve overall physical, emotional and mental health.