Who is breathwork for?

This may sound like an obvious answer but it’s true: breathwork is for everyone. Better health - both physical, emotional and mental - starts with better breathing. Breathwork exercises and proper breathing patterns contribute to (among many other benefits):

  • Less feelings of stress and anxiety
  • More sleep and better sleep quality
  • Peace of mind, feeling more calm and relaxed
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved digestion
  • Pain relief and less muscle tension
  • Better concentration, a clearer mind
  • More inspiration and creativity 
  • Improved happiness and general life energy

Kindly note: in case you are experiencing serious health challenges, physically or mentally, please be advised to seek professional guidance. Every body is unique and asks for an unique approach so when in doubt, do ask for personal advice. In addition, breathwork is never a substitute for any necessary medical treatment. Always consult a medical advisor if needed.