Which breathing technique can we use to increase our energy?

When we are tired or in need of an energy boost, our daily fuel of food, sleep, and exercise can fall short. Breathwork exercises such as the Kapalabhati technique, also known as the breath of fire, help us regain our energy and keep us physically and mentally refreshed. By practising pranayama, or yogic breathing techniques, we can strengthen our mind-body connection and activate and regulate the life force.

When practising Kapalabhati, we contract our abdominal muscles and push the diaphragm upwards, exhaling actively. But the inbreath stays completely passive. Therefore, even though the heart rate stays the same, the volume of oxygen increases and results in better oxygen transmission into the tissues—awakening and refreshing us. Kapalabhati helps to detox your body, support the nervous system, improve the immune system, freshen your mind, and clear your vision.

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