What kind of changes do we experience after a breathwork session?

Breath exercises affect us positively in many ways. The physical, emotional, and mental effects of conscious breathing support our state of health and well-being. Conscious breathing experience is a very personal process. The intensity, nature and duration of the effects vary from person to person and are shaped by our own needs.

Purification from toxins is accelerated, and our energy is renewed thanks to conscious breathing. We feel physically and mentally lighter and unburdened.

With breathing exercises, the oxygen absorption of all cells improves, and the efficiency of bodily and mental functions increases. You may experience alleviation of pain, glowing of skin and intensification in your perception.

It is natural to feel a little tired right after a breathwork exercise. It is necessary to rest for the reprogramming of the system, especially after a session where we experience intense energy discharge.

In techniques that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, blood circulation speeds up, and body temperature rises. You may feel a tingling and mild contraction in the hands and feet. Sometimes, there is a feeling of vibration that spreads to the whole body. These feelings depend on the person and are temporary but not too uncomfortable.

Conscious breathing also facilitates emotional detoxification. Be ready to get rid of emotional blockages, trapped fears, anxieties, and sorrows. You may feel the need to laugh, cry, scream during or after a session — these are all perfectly natural.

Breathing exercises help us get rid of mental toxins. Freeing ourselves from stagnant energies and old burdens make room for new energy. After a session, you may come across exciting ideas that you have never thought of before.

Conscious breathing helps to increase the satisfaction and contentment we feel. As breathwork significantly decreases the feeling of anxiety, we attain a more balanced and happier mood.

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