What is the third eye and how is it activated?

A core concept of ancient spiritual teachings, the third eye serves as a bridge between the material and immaterial worlds, as a door that leads to enlightenment and the truth. This truth is not merely knowledge, it allows one to connect with their true selves. It is the tool we need to understand ourselves and our lives, and to realise the changes we want to make. The third eye is the symbol of consciousness that goes beyond the world we experience through our five senses, that expands and becomes enlightened.

The equivalent of the third eye in the chakra system is the sixth chakra, or the Ajna chakra, located between our eyebrows and means ‘command’ in Sanskrit. It plays an active role in the regulation of the first five chakras and the activation of the seventh—the crown chakra. Its anatomical equivalent is the pineal gland located at the geometrical centre of the brain and is shaped just like an eye.

Most of the time, the third eye is dormant. Its activation enhances our intuition, increases our consciousness and awareness, and deepens our understanding of ourselves and our life experiences. Neuroscience confirms that the stronger our third eye activation is, the more chances we have of realising our visions for the future.

There are many effective practices to activate the third eye. Daily meditation and breathing sessions, visualisation, deep relaxation, focusing and practicing staying in the moment are among the activation methods.

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