What are the types of breathwork?

There are many different types of breathing exercises and techniques, each with a different purpose or effect. Breathwork can be used for example to energize the body, to balance the nervous system, to reduce stress and to help you get to sleep.

All breathing exercises that can be found in the Breath Hub App are accessible and safe to practice for everyone, whether you are new to breathwork or have years of experience. These are a some of the more popular breathing techniques:

  • Box breathing – to calm and quiet the mind and regain mental focus
  • Alternate nostril breathing – to calm the nervous system and relieve tension
  • Coherence breathing - to calm down and accomplish a state of heart-brain coherence in the body
  • Breath of Fire - to energise and purify the body and reduce (over)thinking
  • Deregulating breathing, such as the ‘4-7-8-breath’ - to induce deep resting states and sleep

Moreover, techniques such as Buteyko, Wim Hof, Holotropic and Transformational Breath are growing in popularity, for a good reason. Kindly be advised to always first seek an experienced and licenced practitioner to guide you through these powerful and beneficial techniques.