What are the long-term results of breathwork?

Breathwork comes with a wide variety of benefits and long-term results. In general, regularly practicing breathwork allows you to more easily flow through your days and to become more resilient towards stressful situations and challenges in life.

Breathwork will, in the longer term, optimize your health, create higher states of awareness and even transform the way you live your life. “Change your breathing, change your life”, is often heard when referring to breathwork. Changing the way we breathe, changes the way we feel. Regular practice allows us to reconnect with our true nature as we are so often disconnected from ourselves, our emotions and how we really feel. Breathwork helps release emotional blocks or trauma that can be stuck in the body.

Proper, conscious breathing can not only provide a greater sense of awareness and mental clarity, it can also improve sleep, digestion, heart health, the body's immune response, sport performance and longevity.