What are some mindfulness exercises to improve our awareness?

Strengthening our mindfulness muscle positively affects both our physical and psychological health. Here are 5 mindfulness exercises you can practice any time of the day to bring yourself to the present, ease your mind and beat anxiety.

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1. Breath awareness

  • ● Sit in a comfortable position.
    ● Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
    ● Pay attention to the movement of the breath in your body.
    ● Be aware of every sensation, emotion and thought that arises without judgment.
    ● Whenever your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to your breath.
    ● Counting your inhalations and exhalations can help you keep your focus on the breath.

2. Body Scan

  • ● Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
    ● Direct your attention to your body and the physical sensations.
    ● Become aware of how your clothes feel against your skin.
    ● Try to feel heavy wherever you are sitting or lying.
    ● Scan your body from head to toe and become aware of the sensations in each area.
    ● Remember to focus on your breath as you scan your body.

3. Mindful smelling

  • ● For this exercise, you can analyse the smells you encounter anytime, anywhere. Or you can choose to smell something specific, such as a piece of fruit, some spices or flowers.
    ● Start by taking a few deep breaths through your nose. Focus on the air in and out through the nose.
    ● Do you smell anything? Become aware of the smells you take in.
    ● Try to define the quality of the smells and how they make you feel.
    ● When you slow yourself down, you’ll be able to recognize more smells than you normally do.

4. 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique

  • ● Sit comfortably and take a couple of calm, deep breaths.
    ● Name 5 things you see around you. Pay attention to details such as the reflection of light, the folds of the curtain, the drops of water on the leaves.
    ● Name 4 things you feel. The wind blowing through your hair, the sun warming your shoulders, or the smoothness of the glass in front of you.
    ● Name 3 things you hear. Listen for the crowing of the birds, the creaking of a wooden door, the neighbours’ conversation.
    ● Name 2 things you smell. Focus on the scent of freshly mown grass, flowers in the garden, or cookies fresh from the oven.
    ● Name 1 thing you taste. Bring your attention to the sensations in your mouth from the coffee you just had or some candy you ate.

5. Gratitude exercise

  • ● Sit in a comfortable position.
    ● Close your eyes and take a few calm and deep breaths.
    ● Think about the things you are grateful for, especially things you tend to take for granted.
    ● Take your time to enjoy this moment and let the feeling of gratitude wash over you.
    ● Say “I am grateful for...” out loud to end the exercise.