What are mantras? What does the Aum (Om) mantra mean?

A mantra is a specific word, phrase or syllable repeated constantly during meditation sessions. While meditating, you can whisper or chant a mantra or repeat it in your head.

Mantra comes from the root “man”, which means to think or mind. The latter part of the word “tra” means to protect or free. You can think of it as a way to release your mind during a spiritual voyage to awaken your consciousness, keep you focused and get in the right frame of mind.

There are a lot of different mantras and different purposes to chant them. However, Om or Aum mantra is one of the most well-known, and there is a reason why.

Everything in the universe vibrates; nothing is entirely still. When chanted, Aum vibrates at 432 Hz, which is the vibrational frequency of everything around us. It is the first vibration of the universe, and it contains the present and the future. It connects every being to everything around them by vibrating in the same frequency.

In Hindu teachings, Aum is the most sacred mantra. It is generally interpreted as the sound from which all other sounds and creation emerged. Since it is the sound of the creation, chanting this mantra helps us to increase pranic energy and our vibrations in both the material and divine universe.

While chanting Aum, the first sound you make is Aaa. During this sound, you will start to feel your solar plexus chakra and chest vibrating. The second syllable is Uuu, which can also be pronounced as Ooo. During this part, you will feel your throat vibrate. The third sound is a prolonged Mmm, during which you will feel your palate vibrate. After the M, there is the last syllable: The deep silence of the universe, where your whole being reaches the vibrational level of nature.

Aum is a way for us to turn inward and connect with the inner self. It brings calmness, peace, and positivity. Aum helps us to focus on the breath and practise mindfulness. It is also the most effective way to open the third eye.

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In addition to its spiritual benefits, Aum also has some medical benefits. Studies show that during the chanting of the mantra, people experience reduced stress and anxiety, calmness of mind and normalized blood pressure. Daily chanting of Aum may also help with sinus and stomach problems.