What are feminine and masculine energies? How can we balance feminine and masculine energies?

The left side of the body represents the feminine energy, associated with patience, listening, and receiving while the right side represents the masculine energy, associated with movement, expressing, and giving.

Recognizing and balancing these two opposite poles of the duality principle, also known as yin and yang, is essential in improving our lives both physically and psychologically.

The imbalance of these energies is reflected in our personal and social lives, causing stress, anger, unhappiness, weight and concentration problems, and many other symptoms.

According to the yogic tradition, there are 72 thousand energy meridians flowing in the human body. These channels through which pranic energy flows are called 'nadi', which means current in Sanskrit. All channels are connected to three main channels called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna that run through the centre of the spinal cord.

Ida and Pingala Nadi are two opposite forces flowing within us, namely feminine and masculine energies. Sushumna Nadi is the main channel that is activated when two opposite poles are balanced. When Ida is dominant, the mind is introverted. The body is in a state of relaxation and mental energy is active. When Pingala is dominant, the mind is extroverted. Physical functions such as digestion are active. Sushumna is the central main body connected to the Ida and Pingala. The Sushumna channel begins to flow as the feminine and masculine energies are purified and balanced.

Sushumna is the ideal channel for meditative practice. When Sushumna is dominant, we are in a state of rest and meditative silence. Kundalini energy awakens and rises through the chakras.

The flow of prana in the Ida and the Pingala is entirely involuntary until it is controlled by yogic practices. Since there is a mutual interaction between these pranic channels and breathing, it is possible to consciously channel these energies through breathwork.

The alternating nasal breathing technique is the best way to balance feminine and masculine energy.

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