Is breathwork better than meditation?

To most people, meditation can be hard and discouraging, especially to those who easily get stuck in their head. Breathwork is, if we would have to compare the two, an easier and more accessible practice as it has a direct influence on one’s mental state and thinking patterns. Practicing breathwork helps calming down or even bypass the mind.

Breathwork also has an immediate impact on one’s physical state, as it changes the chemistry in the body. It improves blood flow, increases oxygen levels in the cells and tissues, it slows down the heart rate and reduces pain. These are just a few of the many benefits breathwork can have on the physical body. 
On an emotional level, breathwork helps to release feelings, stuck emotions or even old trauma. Breathwork can clear energy from your body that you didn't even realize you had.

Breathwork is the tool that unites the body with the mind. It can be seen as the fastest and most effective tool to optimize physical, mental and emotional health and transform someone’s life.