How often should I practice breathwork?

First of all: it’s your practice and the choice is yours. That being said, we recommend practicing breathwork daily. When you’re able to integrate breathing techniques into your daily life, you will experience the most benefits. You don’t have to practice for hours, even a few minutes per day can make a great difference.

With consistency, you will not only begin to feel better, you will also notice it becomes easier and more enjoyable to practice breathwork. Routine is key to a healthy and happy life, breathwork helps you to live your life with more awareness, to experience more intuitivity and flow. When practicing daily, over time, you’ll see: that’s where the magic happens.

That being said, making breathwork a habit can be challenging and it takes time. Don’t be hard on yourself when you have missed a day or two. Just come back to your breath and start again. If you would like help remembering to practice daily, download Breath Hub to keep you inspired to practice every day.