How does breathwork help detoxify and cleanse the body?

The primary purpose of breathing is getting oxygen in and releasing toxins from the body. Breathing properly with deep diaphragmatic breaths helps improve respiratory function, which effectively gets air into all cells and removes waste gases from the body. Shallow breathing compromises the function of the lungs and hinders this process. Deep diaphragmatic breathing also stimulates the lymphatic system, which provides a variety of immune functions.

However, besides the obvious physical cleansing effect of respiration, breathing exercises help with a more subtle, more profound sense of detox. Breathwork is beneficial in emotional, mental, and psychological cleansing. Regular breathing practices facilitate awareness, foster the ability to sit with your thoughts, help you let go of self-sabotaging beliefs and free yourself from emotional baggage.

Breathwork makes it possible to stop running away from yourself, to look inward and shut out all external voices, all external meanings, all conditionings of the outside world. The sense of inner satisfaction and contentment that breath brings may also help with physical addictions, eating disorders, and reliance on other kinds of physical crutches. It helps to manage stress and anxiety more effectively. Breathing facilitates focus, increases energy, and improves sleep, all significant factors determining how you feel. In that sense, breathwork is a physical and psychological detoxing method that strips away everything you no longer need, leaving only the essence, leaving only what you truly need.