How do breathing exercises help achieve holistic health and wellbeing?

Holistic healing means finding health as a whole. The holistic approach to health deals with the organism as a physiological and psychological whole. Breathwork makes the best use of the reciprocal connection between these two areas and is, therefore, the most prominent tool for holistic healing.

The connection between all metabolic functions, from digestion to sleep patterns, and breathing is very strong. Breathing tells us a lot about our health. Dysfunctional breathing habits such as shallow or rapid breathing reflect our physiological and psychological problems. When we experience emotional fluctuations, when we succumb to stress, or when we lose our joy or motivation, we can see the traces of these in our breath. If we are burdened by these emotions for a long time, our breathing habit loses its natural rhythm. When breathing becomes dysfunctional, physiological and psychological problems are aggravated, causing a vicious cycle.

However, it is possible to reverse these unhealthy processes by re-learning natural breathing and regaining functional breathing habits. Regular breathing exercises improve breathing while improving the organism as a whole.

From reducing the stress level to detoxing, from improving sleep quality to maintaining emotional balance, from relieving pain and anxiety to boosting morale and motivation, breathwork has countless benefits for our physical and mental health.

While dysfunctional breathing may cause or trigger many health problems, achieving physical and psychological health and maintaining wellbeing is possible with correct breathing habits.