How can breathwork help me practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness basically means being aware of the moment you’re in. It is observing and experiencing emotions and events at the present moment without any judgment.

We can lose our state of conscious awareness due to the constant stimuli surrounding us and factors such as stress or anxiety gnawing at us. In fact, many of us rarely have moments of conscious awareness.

Breathing is one of the easiest ways to become an impartial observer of one’s thoughts. Breathwork involves controlling, directing and focusing on the breath for a specific purpose. No matter where our attention is, we can direct our focus back on the present moment when we focus on our breath.

Whenever you feel that your mind is drifting away, leading you to other thoughts, to the past or the future, or anxiety, you can simply focus on your inhales and exhales for a while to get back to the present moment.

Mindfulness is a skill that you can develop through practice. Regular practice of mindfulness may help you have a calmer, clearer mind, reduce stress and foster a general sense of wellbeing.