How can breathing exercises benefit kids?

Breathing exercises support the physical, mental and emotional development of children and help them become more peaceful, more attentive, and more competent in emotional control.

Breathing exercises can help kids with various issues such as overcoming difficulties, soothing anxiety, feeling safe, being grateful, enjoying the moment, focusing, relaxing. These concepts can be easily explained to children through various breathing games.

Visualization exercises that stimulate the imagination are a great way to introduce kids to breathwork. Games where they imagine they are blowing out candles, inflating balloons, smelling flowers, blowing through a straw, and activities with their favourite toy are perfect for keeping their interest alive.

One of the most popular breathing exercises for kids entails a breathing companion- a plush toy or doll that the child places on her belly. She then observes the toy move up and down as she breathes in and out.

Kids can be introduced to breathwork as early as 4 years of age. At ages 6-7, kids become better equipped to grasp and enjoy breathing exercises.

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