Does it matter if I do shorter or longer sessions?

Breathwork is a strong and highly effective practice, even one deep conscious breath can change your entire day. 

We advise you to start practicing breathwork for a minimum of ten minutes a day, to start understanding its amazing power.

It’s perfectly fine to continue practicing for ten minutes every day, you will definitely experience benefits such as a calmer mind and less stress and tension in the body.

The beauty of breathwork is not only that it is a highly effective practice, also there are so many classs and techniques to try, each with a different purpose and outcome. We encourage you to try various techniques and also in various lengths, so you’ll be able to intensify your experiences and results.

Most important is to choose a duration that works for you. Some days you have more time than other days, that is all fine. See what works for you and play with it, without putting any unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Always remember that even one single moment of breath awareness is valuable. Thank yourself for every conscious breath you take.