The Surprising Way Breathing Can Help You Have Better Sex

September 04, 2021, Publisher: Breath Hub

In 2010, 4 September was declared the ‘World Sexual Health Day’ to promote a greater social awareness across the globe by the World Association for Sexual Health. We want to take this opportunity to talk about the connection between sexual health and breath, as well as introducing a way to improve intimacy between couples through breathing.

Breathwork offers techniques to combat stress and anxiety, channel energy and relax, as well as various practices to improve sexual health. The positive effects of tantric breathing techniques help couples by creating a strong energy flow between partners and, in turn, increasing intimacy, strengthening the bond between couples and facilitating sexual intercourse. 

What is Tantra?

The word “tantra” is commonly believed to derive from the Sanskrit root “tan” which means to touch and expand. Seen in both Hinduism and Buddhism, this 5000-year-old tradition can be explained as reaching high levels of sexual energy in both men and women to achieve the awakening of the divine nature within us.

Tantra exercises that include basic practices such as yoga, meditation and breathing techniques are common rituals that represent the practical aspect of the Vedic tradition. 

A more intimate relationship with synchronised breathing

Breathwork is an easy and effective way to achieve a healthy sex life and increase intimacy between partners. Breathing techniques, when practiced together, offer a great chance to improve sexual energy and experience this intimate energy exchange in a pleasurable way.

Synchronised breath is an effective couples’ practice that improves physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy. The exercise where one partner inhales as the other exhales is a tantric breathing technique that synchronises couples and deepens the bond between them. Though it’s pretty simple to practice, this technique can also trigger highly intense emotions by creating a strong energy flow between the partners. This flow makes it possible to achieve a more loving experience, and a closer, more intimate relationship.

How to practice synchronised breathing

  • Sit comfortably across your partner or lie down next to them, facing one another.
  • Start by taking 3 deep breaths together.
  • Continue breathing together normally until your breaths are synchronised.
  • Exhale together for one last time and hold your breath until your partner exhales.
  • Once your partner exhales, inhale, and then exhale when they inhale.
  • Continue taking conscious, connected breaths in and out for as long as possible.

In the conscious connected breathing technique, the whole focus is on the breath itself (and, in this case, your partner’s breath). There is no pause before or after the inhalation or exhalation. The breath keeps flowing in a continuous cycle.