How to Unwind After a Breathwork Session

May 17, 2021, Publisher: Breath Hub

Breathing exercises positively affect our physical, mental, and spiritual state. When we practise breathing techniques, we become healthier, more balanced, and more creative. It increases the joy we get out of life, improves our social connections, and helps us find peace internally.

Some see changes after only one session, while others might move slowly. The results we get out of breathwork depends on our individual needs. There are some points to keep in mind for better results and keep our dedication alive after sessions.

Let’s take a closer look at the changes we experience and how to unwind after a breathwork session.

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What changes will I experience after breathwork?

  • First and foremost, breathing exercises help our body release toxins faster and replenish its energy. You can primarily notice this effect right after the practice. We usually feel much lighter in our body and mind, relaxed as if we got rid of a burden we have been carrying around for a very long time.
  • You can feel some mental changes as your system is cleansed and reprogrammed. Improved perception and mental clarity are among the first noticeable effects.
  • Detox can make us feel tired. It’s normal to feel tired, especially after big energy releases during breathing sessions.
  • After breathing practices that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, you can experience some tingling and mild contractions in your hands and feet, and sometimes a sense of vibration throughout your whole body.
  • Conscious breathing brings along good emotions, a feeling of contentedness and satisfaction. Anxiety significantly decreases as we feel more loving and understanding towards ourselves.
  • Getting rid of old burdens creates space for new energies. After a breathing session, your mind can overflow with ideas that you have never thought of before — even you will be surprised by your creativity.

What should I do after breathwork?  

  • First of all, congratulations! With breathwork, you have taken your life journey to another level. Thank yourself first for this opportunity to improve.
  • We release a large amount of toxins during and after breathing practices. To help your body release these toxins, don’t forget to drink lots of water after sessions.
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest. Rest is key for reprogramming physical and mental functions and for adapting to the changes triggered by breathwork.
  • It is quite relaxing to take a warm bath with some calming or invigorating essential oils after breathing sessions. Noticing the smells, the sensation of the water and how our senses become focused is an extraordinary experience.
  • To get the best out of the detoxification process, you should avoid toxic substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. Choosing healthy foods over processed ones will also improve your physical and mental health.
  • Physical activities such as walking, yoga, and swimming support the rejuvenation process while making you feel good by triggering the release of serotonin.
  • If you think it’ll help the process, you can also share your experiences with your loved ones to boost your motivation. But don’t forget that your chakras are activated, and you are more open to the energies that surround you after breathing sessions. Keep that in mind as you share your experiences.
  • If you took part in a group session, do not compare your process with the experiences of others. This will only lead to false expectations and disappointment. Remember, each person is different. When it comes to breathing techniques and meditation, the process differs from one person to another.
  • Journaling after breathwork can help you track your progress, see the physical and mental changes, kickstart your creativity and create a deeper connection with yourself.
  • You can read books or watch videos that will support your commitment to your breathing journey and improve your awareness.
  • Some sessions can be very intense. In that case, it can be a good idea to relax a bit. Be it going for a walk or letting yourself go with the rhythm and dance, know that anything you do to relax will be good for you. Remember, relaxing and resting are also part of the practice. Give yourself some time to recalibrate your power and focus.

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