5 Ways of Unleashing Your Feminine Energy to Achieve the Life You Want

October 08, 2021, Publisher: Breath Hub

You’ve tried so hard to live the life you desired but reached nowhere? Read all the self-help books, tried all techniques, chased all instructors but ended up back where you started? If that’s the case, keep on reading – your life is about to change.

There is unlimited power, deep creative energy, and a natural source of healing within you. The feminine energy co-exists with the natural power of creation that all feminine bodies have. When you understand how to channel this power and benefit from it both individually and holistically, it transcends your body. It rises to such heights that it touches upon all parts of your life.

To create the life you desire, the only thing you need to do is to connect with this creative power within you and start living according to your true nature. Once this natural connection is established, there is nothing you cannot do. Simply recognising and connecting with your inner goddess will allow you to achieve the career you dream of, the relationships you desire, and the abundance you want.

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Behaviours that block the feminine energy

As women, we have memorised everything we have to do to reflect our social and individual identity, to gain power and respect, and to live the life we want in a man’s world. But the things we have learnt usually have to do with masculine energy and the way it functions. As women, we have strived for success by working like men. But trying to masculinise the feminine power instead of activating its true nature leads to restriction instead of glorification. And this means our learnings turn into a set of habits that make things harder, not easier, for us, complicate our personal lives and consume our energy.

It’s high time we forget what we have learned and unleash our feminine energy in the most effective way possible. Here are the habits that constrain your inner goddess:

  • Pushing yourself too much, continuously working day and night to be better.
  • Rushing and panicking to get things done.
  • Making a to-do list of things you don’t like to do.
  • Working long hours depriving yourself of things you love, not making time for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Comparing yourself with others, competing with other people and being jealous.
  • Labelling experiences as gains or losses.
  • Thinking of yourself as incompetent, harshly criticising and judging yourself.

Behaviours that unleash the feminine energy

It’s not in your true nature to pursue what you want to become, do, or achieve. Instead, you need to connect with your own truth and meet your inner power to realise them. When women stop constantly working on their ‘self-improvement’, their inner creative power becomes their reality. It becomes easier to unleash the feminine energy, and they set off towards the best possible version of themselves – without any extra effort.

Here are the behaviours that unleash your inner goddess:

  • Make sure you live in tune with yourself – your inner goddess awakens when you are in the flow.
  • Stop seeing the things you want in your life as shortcomings.
  • Appreciate the beauty you are and you have; embrace yourself and your life with gratitude.
  • Make time to stop, rest and balance. Remember, you need this time to connect with your true nature.

5 Basic Principles to Awaken the Goddess Within

1. Be effortless

2. Connect with your breath

3. Work on your mind

4. Know your own worth

5. Visualise your strategy

5 Basic Principles to Awaken the Goddess Within

Be effortless

All the rush, haste and competition weaken your connection with the goddess within. Replace that restrictive effort with nurturing effortlessness. Daily meditations are one of the best ways of getting to know effortlessness and making a habit out of effortless creativity in your life. Click here to learn more about meditation.

Connect with your breath

Our breath is a magical bridge that connects physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. Daily breathing exercises strengthen the bond you have with yourself and the world, improve your health and energy, and give you an excellent opportunity to connect with your true nature.

Work on your mind

When left untrained, our minds have a mechanism that sabotages us with sentences that blame, compare and judge. Observe the sentences that lower your energy and corner you. When you notice them, instead of accepting, choose to send them off gently. When you regularly practice the first two principles, it will become much easier to do the third.

Know your own worth

Most of us try to live our lives for others and in line with their demands. We pursue other people’s projects and dreams to make them happy or to avoid their criticism. But in order to awaken the goddess within, we need to know our own worth and uphold the mission we have in life. Channelling the creative power is only possible when we walk the path we believe in, not the one that is forced on us. If you haven’t discovered your path, ask yourself who you are and what you want during meditation.

Visualise your strategy

The most effective way to realise creative energy is through visualising your life strategy. When you want to create something you desire or dream of, wait instead of taking action right away. Stay in your own energy space and visualise – life will bring you what you want when the right time comes. Then, you will easily and happily take action to accept whatever life is offering you.