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Breath Hub is the world’s first and only personalized breathwork app backed by breathing experts.

Improve your physical, mental and emotional health within minutes.

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Courses & Sessions

Over 800 courses and sessions created by leading global breathwork experts. Covering dozens of different categories such as breathwork for physical, mental and emotional health.

Breath Analysis

Find out your breath score with a personalized breath analysis and unlock a new course every day through your customized breathing program.

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Track your progress and witness your transformation step-by-step on the For You page.

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Access exclusive content from some of your favourite celebrities. Take your life to the next level with their coaching.


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respiratory abnormalities and
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Why Choose Breath Hub?

Why Breath Hub Is the Perfect Tool to
Upgrade Your Life?

Personalized Breathing Journeys

Our innovative Breath Analysis algorithm identifies your unique breathing habits, allowing us to create a personalized breathing journey that meets your specific needs.

Expert Guidance from Breathing Scientists

Our team of breathwork experts with decades of experience in behavioural health sciences are here to guide you all the way.

Extensive Breathwork Library

With over 800 sessions and courses created by breathwork experts, you can find a program that’s suited to your needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to do breathing exercises with just a few taps and embark on transformative breathing journeys anytime and anywhere.

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Breaths Analyzed
Sessions and Courses

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Revolutionizing Coaching and Communities.

Become a member of the Breath Hub Community and interact one-on-one with our coaches!
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Want to Learn More?

What is Breath Hub?

Breath Hub is the world’s only personalized breathing app that offers a comprehensive platform for breathwork. It provides breath analysis, customized breathwork techniques, and a wide range of sessions and courses to provide you an upgraded life.

Why is personalized breathing analysis important?

One formula does not fit all. The personalized breath analysis at Breath Hub allows you to understand your unique breathing patterns and tailor breathwork techniques to your needs. Everyone has their own physiology and problems, and wrong breathing habits can worsen them. This is why an accurate breath analysis and a personalized program are so important.

Does Breath Hub provide guided breathing exercises or meditations?

Yes, Breath Hub offers a wide range of guided breathing exercises and meditations to support your breathwork practice. These guided sessions provide step-by-step instructions, making it easy for you to follow along and experience the benefits of breathwork.

Is Breath Hub suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Breath Hub is designed to appeal to users of all levels, including beginners. Our app offers easy-to-follow guided sessions that are perfect for those new to breathwork.

Can Breath Hub help with specific health issues?

Yes, our app offers specialized breathing techniques to address specific health issues. Whether you are looking for stress relief, better sleep, anxiety management or other health-related goals, Breath Hub has customized sessions to support you on your journey.

How can I get started with Breath Hub?

Getting started with Breath Hub is simple. You can sign up for our 7-day free trial to explore the app and its features. Just create an account and get access to a variety of guided breathing exercises and meditations.

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